Last few weeks back ,there was a circus (a kind of a talent show)held in our school :P.E.C.H.S Girls’ School of the junior section .We all were very excited for it because we knew its going to be truely enthusiastic and simply awsome.

I as an indivitual had lots of expactations from the little ones of our school because I had seen them practising and working so hard to make the circus a really good one.

Then finally the day came .There were many amazing things like the fairy skating, magic show, a role play on the poem of TOTBATOT and a clown show .All these things were truely amazing. The children gave such a perfomance that my eyes got stuck on them.They gave such a beautiful perfomance that was really above their age level.

The circus was an interesting one and as an indivitual I enjoyed it.The most interesting part of the circus was the airy show because personally it fascinated me and it was surely an admiration for me.Somehow I liked it because I always wanted to learn how to skate and I think thats the reason for me liking the fairy skating show.

I was glad to see the circus or the junior talent show . I wish in future there is going to be such events because I think it emphasis on children’s talent and give them a chance to show the world that we are not less or weaker than any of the schools.In the end I would like to say that the young ones have shown that they are the pride of our school.


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