Morning is my favourite time of the day.The wind is cool, the sun is not high in the sky ,there are dew dropson every leaf, buds open and seems to smile at us.Birds chirp and it seems as if the whole world is waking after a long sleep.The people having a new hope to make the upcoming day a better one than the previous one.

The beeze start buzzing visiting flowers.Then the newspaper boy speeds by stopping at intervals to toss newspapers. Sweepers can be seen cleaning the streets ,there are few cars in the street to spoil my beautiful scene with their noise and fumes .

I just cove the calm silent streets in the morning with the promise of another hectic day hanging in the air and I just cannot wait to start mine but gazing at the street somehow give me peace and makes me feel better.
Well, till 7:00am the street is not quite as the cars have started to go on taking kids to their schools and fathers going to their jobs and offices and more activities have started to take place.

While travelling in my van I see people opening their shops and starting their day without knowing what will happen in the rest of the day but still having a hope of betterment. Thats what we call life is . I see people standing outside their houses to let their children sit in their vans and passing a bright smile at them. 🙂

As the time passes I reach my school and see the faces of little girls who cried when they come to school.The eyes full of sleep in them but when I see them in the afternoon the sleep, the cries and everything is gone .


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