Thank you mom

 Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam. He had no sibling and no father. He only had a mother. He never loved her mother because she had only one eye.


 She use to tell him that once after his birth they had a terrible accident in which his father died and she lost her one eye. She use to wear sun glasses to hide his eye. When ever she went to pick him from school Sam’s friend used to make fun of her, whish he never liked. Sometimes he use to fight with her. When he grew up to 20 he went to London to get further education. He never came back. People used to say that after education he married a beautiful girl and now had two children. One day his children asked him to take them to there grand mother. From that day he started to remember her. One day he decided to go to his home back. When he reached his home he saw a group of people in his house. When he asked some one what happened that man stood with a joy and hugged him every body turn to see what happened. They also screamed with joy. When he asked about his they all again made a sad face and stood at a side in middle his mother was lying on the floor

‘She was dead”. He had a big shock, suddenly a hand tapped on his shoulder a man hand over a letter written by her mother it said:


Dear Sam,

I just want to tell you a terrible truth. Dear I use to tell you that me and your father had an accident in which your father was dead and I lost an eye but that’s not the truth instead of me you lost an eye but because I love you I gave you one of my eye.

                                            You beloved





   After reading this letter a tear dropped from the same eye which was the best gift from his mother but at last these words came out of his mouth “THANK YOU MOM!” and he and his family returned back to London because he did not want to remember the truth.


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