Are We Too Dependent On Computers?

In today’s world, the technology is increasing fast. Our new generation is now more modern then we can imagine. People are depending on technology for all their work. In all this I think they have forgotten something which is called ‘hard work’. I say that yes! We really are too much depending on computers.

They are an element in today’s world which in most minds and opinions can do anything. We need information, just GOOGLE it. Want to watch the latest movie? YOUTUBE is always there. Want to solve your math’s homework? Oh yeah! We can always use the calculator. Missing your best friend who is living in Dubai? Go online and chat! Now days everything is possible with these computers even a mobile phone is kind of a computer. But actually, we are too much depending on these machines which are made to make our work easier, not do all our work! These machines are just some electrical appliances which without electricity are useless! What is a computer without power? A mobile phone without battery? TRASH! I know we use these lots but what if there is no electricity? How will you get information? Math’s problem? Bt the calculator is not working. Now what?

All I am saying is that instead of completely depending on these computers, we should use them as help and learn to work ourselves. Before all this was invented, the world did not stop! People still worked and they worked harder and they always achieved success. If that happened long ago then why cant it happen now? Just believe in yourself and stop depending on these computers. You will still get what you wanted and you will definitely feel much happier. 


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