Friends are life. I don’t know about others but for me, my friends are my whole life. Without them I would be just be just incomplete. They have always been around and it’s literally hard to imagine life without them. The always support me and always know when I am feeling down although I never say it. They are so much caring and always support me no matter what wrongs and rights I am doing. They stop me from doing bad and always know what’s good for me. I love taking tier opinion because sometimes your best friends are the ones who understand you more than your family members. A friend can be as strict as a dad, as caring as a mom, as irritating as a brother, as supportive as sister and even as loving as a lover (or more). They also hold your hand as a friend and if you really have a true friendship, your hand will never be left bare as you will always have your best friend by side holding it. None of your tears would fall; at least they won’t fall alone. Someone will definitely cry with you. What I believe is that friends are life. You tease them irritate them make fun of them but also you can’t live without them. So people never loose a friend’s hand who truly loves you and cares for you like this because then one day you’ll realize that you have lost the diamond while collecting the stones.


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