Superman, Spiderman And Batman: Superheroes OR Misleading Idols?

In my opinion Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are not at all superheroes but are fake misleading idols. For those who disagree with me, I’d like to clear some points for you. All around the world adults and children Love these entertaining figures. And yes, these figures also make children believe that helping is a good thing. So, enjoyment and a good moral… Nice, right? Entertainment is of course a good thing and as for a good moral, well, that is a positive effect on a child’s mind but more than that I think that these animated, nonexistent figures are harmful and have many negative effects on a child’s mind.


Children are obsessed with these figures and this is not at all a healthy obsession! Children waste their parents’ money by buying schoolbags, stationary, pencil boxes and costumes of these animated figures.


Children are so obsessed with these figures that they become socially awkward. They can’t differentiate between the real world and the fantasy world. Hence, this makes them believe that everything in the fantasy world is real. They believe that one day they, themselves can wear a ridiculous costume and fly, and save the world when that is not at all true. Loving a certain thing and obsessing over it are of course two different things, and obsessing over something is not at all good.


Children start believing that these figures are real and it gives them false hopes and expectations. Children start creating their own wild imagination about saving the world all the time. They space out during their classes and at their homes. As it’s shown- Superman can jump out of a window and land safely without even developing a scratch. What if children start doing that one day and get hurt?


These cartoons and movies show that anything can be solved by violence. Little boys watch these shows and everyone has noticed how violent they are. What if one day they see a person doing something wrong and try to beat them up only to get hurt? These ‘what ifs’ are not just mindless questions of possibilities. Once this obsession goes too far, these ‘what ifs’ will become life and death situations!


I know that these animated figures are a kid’s childhood and I’m not saying that these destructive shows should be banned or something. I’m just saying that parents should watch over their children and try not to get them too attached to these animated figures.


I mean what impression would people get if they saw children wearing these so-called superheroes’ inappropriate costumes? Wearing your underwear out of your pants; what is this?


And children actually believe that these nonexistent superheroes are real and they’ll be disappointed once they come to know the reality. This obsession; this addiction is not healthy at all for a child’s mind. It brainwashes a child’s mind. They think that they can be like those creatures who call themselves superheroes when that is not at all true!


So with this I conclude that Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are misleading figures and children should avoid watching them too much.


Life’s too short to waste on unimportant things.



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