Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

When people see a girl with glasses they automatically think that she’s a nerd. When people see a girl having lunch alone they thing that she’s a loner; a total weirdo who they shouldn’t even consider interacting with because as they say, it will affect their coolness. When people see a fat girl, they’re like, she’s ugly, ignore her. When people see a helpless younger child they think they’ve found a reason to bully that child. When people see a girl who’s a little too dressed they’re like ‘Is she trying to fit in? Like ewww!’


This is called ‘judging a book by its cover’ and I so hate it when people do this.


‘A person should never be judged from the outside but should be judged from the inside!’


And now I’m asking those peoplethat if you’ve ever, in your life, stopped to think that maybe you should talk to that certain person to maybe make sure that your so-called hypothesis is even right?


I’ll take a guess and say that no, you have never tried talking to that person and you only talked to that person when you were forced to; or maybe when you wanted or needed something from that person. Have you ever wondered how hard you made that person’s life? If I talk about myself right now, I don’t care what people say about me but if it gets out of limit, I’m going to have to say something but you know what? Some people are not like that!


So please don’t be soo judgmental. Maybe someday when you try to get to know that person you’ll be better to them. You don’t know how your hypothetical judgment makes that certain person conscious of their selves and they begin making more mistakes than they normally would have.


And then for those who, without being known are judged;


‘Judge me not; cause you know me not.’


Sometimes the judging just gets too far and that person starts changing himself/herself for you. And how wrong is that? A person changinghimself/herself for someone who wouldn’t even care! Please stop being sojudgmental! Give that person a chance or maybe if giving a chance to a person is too hard for you then please kindly,ignore that person and keep you big mouth shut! Bite your tongue if you can’t keep your feelings about a certain person to yourself because then no one would care because they won’t know.


‘Remember, a person is never judged by the how he/she looks from the outside but what matters is how he’s from the inside.’


And for those who change their selves for others,


 ‘I’d rather be hated for being me then loved for being someone else…’


As for the people who are being judged, IGNORE those people who are judging you and by IGNOREI don’t mean turning your back to them while fighting back tears because you feel like crying, IGNOREas in DON’T let them get to you! And if it gets too out of hand, raise your voice! God gave you a tongue to speak so for God’s sake USE it! Or if you can’t do that save your voice, time and energy and tell some elder person about all the judging.


Never, NEVERlet what a person says about you affect your self-worth!


And don’t worry about people calling you a chicken for telling to some elder person about your problems because frankly, I don’t think fighting for your rights makes you a chicken. So for those who call you a chicken, be it! IGNORE them or ANSWER them!


‘If people criticize you, hurt you or shout at you. Don’t bother just remember that in every game audience make the noise not the players.’


People will never stop judging you. That’s just a thing. Almost everyone judges. That’s their job. That’s their life.


If you eat, you’re fat; if you don’t eat, you’re a freak.

If you drink, you’re an alcoholic; if you don’t drink, you’re a coward.

If you read, you’re a nerd; if you don’t read, you’re stupid.

If you tell a secret, you’re an attention seeker; if you don’t tell a secret, you’re still an attention seeker.

If you wear makeup, you’re insecure; if you don’t wear makeup, you’re ugly.

You can’t please anyone,


And that’s why I don’t care anymore!


Another thing I want to say is that never feel bad about yourself. No matter how you are, you’re a human being with a heart and feelings and no one has the right to judge you. Trustyourself, believe in yourself. And I can tell you it would make your life a lot better!


‘If you spend all your time worrying about what others think, you will eventually forget how to think for yourself.’


Maybe some of you out there won’t agree with me but I think that this article is very true. Trust me on this!


‘Be happy and forget all the negative thoughts of others because their words won’t matter when you made it to the top.’


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