The witches

Once upon a time their was a witch named Pelee. She was very stubborn. She loved GOLD!!!!! she had one broom and one cat … A lazy and a blind cat . One day she saw something was glowing on the sky !! first she thought that she should take it but then she thought that it could be a star. *no!! its not a star it is a piece of gold* she said *and its on the tree not on the sky*… then she called her broom in her language** pulls coll boom Khaleed hashish Sakha boom Khaleed** her broom sid * boom khaddha saahlh efu khaddha!!** then she went up to the tree and when she pick up the gold piece..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suddenlyy!!!!!!she fell down … she opened her eyes and saw that SHE WAS IN A JAILL..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she heard some voices of people and the were laughing!!!they all went in her home and took all their gold thing..!!that she have stolen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100,00,00,000 years have been passed but she is in the cage ALIVE! as she will be in the cage till the earth will end!!   



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