Morning is my favourite time of the day.The wind is cool, the sun is not high in the sky ,there are dew dropson every leaf, buds open and seems to smile at us.Birds chirp and it seems as if the whole world is waking after a long sleep.The people having a new hope to make the upcoming day a better one than the previous one.

The beeze start buzzing visiting flowers.Then the newspaper boy speeds by stopping at intervals to toss newspapers. Sweepers can be seen cleaning the streets ,there are few cars in the street to spoil my beautiful scene with their noise and fumes .

I just cove the calm silent streets in the morning with the promise of another hectic day hanging in the air and I just cannot wait to start mine but gazing at the street somehow give me peace and makes me feel better.
Well, till 7:00am the street is not quite as the cars have started to go on taking kids to their schools and fathers going to their jobs and offices and more activities have started to take place.

While travelling in my van I see people opening their shops and starting their day without knowing what will happen in the rest of the day but still having a hope of betterment. Thats what we call life is . I see people standing outside their houses to let their children sit in their vans and passing a bright smile at them. ūüôā

As the time passes I reach my school and see the faces of little girls who cried when they come to school.The eyes full of sleep in them but when I see them in the afternoon the sleep, the cries and everything is gone .



Last few weeks back ,there was a circus (a kind of a talent show)held in our school :P.E.C.H.S Girls’ School of the junior section .We all were very excited for it because we knew its going to be truely enthusiastic and simply awsome.

I as an indivitual had lots of expactations from the little ones of our school because I had seen them practising and working so hard to make the circus a really good one.

Then finally the day came .There were many amazing things like the fairy skating, magic show, a role play on the poem of TOTBATOT and a clown show .All these things were truely amazing. The children gave such a perfomance that my eyes got stuck on them.They gave such a beautiful perfomance that was really above their age level.

The circus was an interesting one and as an indivitual I enjoyed it.The most interesting part of the circus was the airy show because personally it fascinated me and it was surely an admiration for me.Somehow I liked it because I always wanted to learn how to skate and I think thats the reason for me liking the fairy skating show.

I was glad to see the circus or the junior talent show . I wish in future there is going to be such events because I think it emphasis on children’s talent and give them a chance to show the world that we are not less or weaker than any of the schools.In the end I would like to say that the young ones have shown that they are the pride of our school.


Robots are some of the creatures that are not easily familiar with anyone as they are so expensive. The reasons for their expensive is that they are the one who can finishes or do the work on time, can do everything that a human does, this creature only concentrate on his own work and it is a working machine. Machines not only do rest but only do work which is the best. They obey every order which came from their leaders. I think that in each and every house there should be a robotic machine instead of people working like a machine. I have watched in a movie which said that when so many years would past and so many developments would made so one development would be that there would be robots more than human beings and living things.                


Movies/films/dramas which one is better? Sometimes no one but sometimes each of them. It means that there are some advantages and some disadvantages. Advantages are that they gave us many solutions, lessons, ideas, creativity, confidence, thoughts, how to face any problem and gives the knowledge related to our religion. BUT there are so many disadvantages of it, first the children’s learn prohibited things, it is not in reality, violence is dangerous as it affects mentality, horror things makes our heart weaker and the children go through this television line and threw out education line. I think that cartooned movies or serials would be interesting for the children as usually English language to improve our basic skills.


Education is the key to success and this key will earn you your status in the world. It is very important to be literate rather than illiterate and that is why our elders always advise us to get better education in the world for the progress of our beloved country. Our Muslim leaders such as Quad-e-Azam, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal and many other always guide us to get education because there is no life without it. So it is important to get education from any nook or corner of the world and work very hard to achieve goal in life by getting education of higher levels for more developments and progress.


Today I will share the things that I like the most in my life. The first thing that I like is NATURE. Nature is anything which gave us so much knowledge about animal’s life, plants life, greenery specially doing research and watching the television channel which gave us information about nature. The second thing that I like the most is the subject of MATHEMATICS and SOCIAL STUDIES which are very interesting for me and get so much knowledge from them. The third thing is the MUSIC, I like to learn lyrics as well, then my fourth interest is in SPORTS which help to keep us fit and healthy, my fifth interest is in getting knowledge about UNIVERSE and ANIMAL’S LIFE.


                                            A Trip to Lahore

I went to Lahore with my family. We went in train. (Not a local one)…. I stayed at my aunt‚Äôs house. I went to m.m alam road and liberty… I ate Lahore‚Äôs famous dahi barhe and they were delicious! I really enjoyed over there. I also sat on metro bus. And I would definitely say that Lahore is changed … it is not that Lahore which it was..! I really enjoyed over there and suggest you all to go over there..!